Saturday, November 14, 2009


Halloween 2009. We had the best family party. The kids played fear factor, went trick-or-treating, and had a cake walk. Halloween night was great. The weather was so warm the girls went all around the neighborhood. They had quite a group of girls to go get treats with!

A Walk to Remember

Kim and I were able to go to A Walk to Remember in October. There were some very special moments throughout that day that made me so happy to be there. We got shirts that had our babies names on them. I love to wear that shirt. We got balloons and wrote all the babies names that we were supporting. We wrote on little cards and tied them to the ballons. Alyssa took time and wrote a very cute note. We took the balloons and walked around the park. Durring the walk Alyssa looked at me and said these balloons are going to heaven, huh. I said of course they will. I am so happy that we got to have the opportunity to do something physical that helped us remember little Clint. It was so tender but also fun for the girls to let the balloons go. I was so thankful to have Kim and Craig there. It was so cute to watch Addy let her balloon go. I was also grateful to meet Risa. She was strong to come so soon after her loss. I know it is hard to remember what could have been. But he is apart of our family and I have started some sweet traditions that I would like to keep every November 5th. The girls still talk about him. And it has now been a year and I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am so happy. And I am so thankful for the wonderful support system that I have around me! Thank you all so much!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer fun with our cousins!

Emma had her first birthday party over the 24th reunion. Kansas Trip

Hogle Zoo

My cousins kids from Texas.
You would think we squeezed a trip to the ocean in our travles but it is only Pine View! The waves were so fun.

Utah Arch

On the drive home from the 4th we decided to take pictures by the arch. We always drive by and look out the window. We had time to stop this time, so we did. About half way up the mountain I was regretting my decision to have fun. Alyssa was like a little lizard and ran up the rock with no trouble. Hadlee wore her pretty shoes and had a harder time.(It took her forever to walk back down. Like Sandra Bullock in the movie Proposal.) Loryn just liked the climb. It has been a while since I have been anywhere high and my phobia came back full swing. I wouldn't let them have any fun by the arch. We just turned around and had fun coming back down.

Our new hobby

Jack was put into scouts a while ago and he had to get a fishing licence. He went a few times as a kid and once with my dad about 10 years ago. Now we can't keep him off of the lakes! Everywhere we go that might have a potential fishing spot we have to cart around his fishing equipment. I thought that with three girls I would be free from fishing! Jack wanted to take the girls and they were hooked just as easily. I fished as a child and never had enough courage to bait my hook or touch the fish. When they get old enough I bet the girls will like to bait their own hooks. And as for touching the fish, well, they love to hold them, poke them in the eyes, run around with them after they die. Gross, I know! So now my family loves to fish and I get to go and tanning because I don't have a fishing licence!! :) Look at the positives right? The only picture I could find with Loryn fishing. She only fishes for a few seconds at a time.
We are at Totten Lake in Colorado, where I fished as a kid!

Alyssa at East Canyon

I went to check on the girls one night and I found Hadlee like this. I thought it was funny that she is such a sleeping beauty, and can handle fish! Quite a girl.